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    It was her birthday. I left my office, walking towards the railway station. My phone rang and I was greeted by her grumpy voice saying, "We have a 9:30 show to attend. For goodness sake, come home as early as possible. ELSE, HELL IS SURE TO BREAK LOOSE!" I looked sideways, there weren't any trains. I gazed at my watch anxiously. "It's 9:15!! Yes, hell is sure to break loose." I told myself. I hopped into an OLA, praying that I'd make it.

    As expected, I couldn't make it. I reached home by 9:45 and she was there by the doorway, waiting to pounce on me like a hungry leopard. "YOU!" She roared and gave me one of her lethal pinch. I went into our bedroom and saw her new black dress lying on the bed. "Damn. She was quite serious about the movie plan." I sighed. I peeped out of the bedroom, she was on the sofa, her eyes had gone red. "Time for my surprise." I giggled to myself. I unwrapped a tiny muffin and lit an equally tiny candle over it. "Happy birthday love.." I sang. "I'm not talking to you. Hmph." She said and looked away.

    I kissed her lips. "Those are mine." I smiled. She grinned like an idiot. We gobbled up the cake. "Damn, I can't even hate you." She giggled and rested her head on my shoulder. "Wait wait. Another surprise awaits you." I told her. With that, I ran into the bedroom and brought out the guitar. I held her hand and we both sat in the balcony. I hadn't changed my clothes and was still in my office attire. I sang, obviously messing up the cords. She laughed to see me fumble but that was enough to bring a smile on her face. I went on singing, her cheeks went pink.

    The balcony light was dim, it made the atmosphere more romantic. She brought me closer and I laid my head on her lap. "I love you so much." She sobbed quietly. Even my eyes had gone moist. My tongue hunted for words but it found none. "You know. I prefer dying this way. On your lap." I sighed. "Dare if you say such things." She slapped me lightly. "Death is miles away. This moment is ours. Yes, we're sure to die. But death should lose against our love." She smiled.

    And that day,
    Our hold grew stronger.
    Eternity was proven right.
    Death fell a victim to our love.

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    The tiny muffin.

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