• bobbycneis 24w

    Im true to my heart

    I am who I am that's all I will be
    I'm genuine I'm real I won't change for nobody

    because I alter me daily on the rise of each Sun
    I adjust to correct myself as progress will surely come

    I stare out windows as planes and cars pass me by
    those people I wish to meet I may just affect in time

    I jump aboard their minds which may sound crazy or absurd
    but if I do, ill understand their Universe with that voice that wants to be heard

    I'm true to my heart and I follow my passion
    I find the comical side, but I'm sincere when I have to

    I led a life that took smiles and threw them to the sea
    but you see my gratitude now sharpened and it's pointing like a compass should be

    I found a lot which I lost, along the hard road to travel
    And I guess my experience and love has paved over that old life gravel.