• thethought_fox 5w

    Thus Spoke the Shell

    Strewn across the beach
    Right within my reach.
    A peach shell lay forlorn,
    Remanent of a life torn!

    Extended my arms,
    A prey to its charms.
    Glistening golden,
    A creation of beauty embolden!

    A song from inside wafted!
    A voice the shell crafted.
    Hearken, Hearken!
    So the Evil that breathes is broken!

    Don't fall for the Emperor Error
    Who rules by the sword of terror!
    A garden is made by all flowers,
    Encompassed of all colours.

    Remove the weeds of thoughts,
    Lest they form knots
    That strangulate Peace
    And leave the nation in pieces!

    The Shell goes silent,
    The last words of a wounded valiant!
    ©Sanjana Varma