• another_you 5w

    My friends

    They speak different language
    They don't eat in plates
    They don't even eat what I eat
    They sleep from 10am to 9 pm
    They cry when they are happy
    And laugh louder when feel sad
    They drive cars that Don't even exist here
    They tell stories of their future
    They crack jokes on universe
    They love with brain not heart
    They think with their heart
    Their eyes !
    Their eyes are most beautiful
    Whole galaxy lies there
    They smile with their diamond teeth
    They pray to each other
    They treat others like God

    They stay quiet among us
    They observe
    And respond
    In the most amazing way

    They are here, just here with us
    Quietly smiling on us. And observing our moves.
    Do you see them?