• crazy_cuckoo 9w

    Sutro se pata chala hai that
    Aj world's emoji day hai

    So q na thodi masti hojae..
    And even thoda aur interesting karte hai
    Let's say something about emoji

    Qki wo h to ek zariya hai jo hamare feelings ko express karta
    So come on and say something that what emojis means to u.��

    I don't know .. I think you all are thinking cuckoo pagal hai. She is mad.
    So yeah I will say I'm mad����
    Pagalpanti me h maza hota hai����

    Ok let's start now

    PS- I don't know i said correct in hindi or not��bare my hindi plz


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    Hey guys!
    Today is World Emoji Day
    Drop your favorite emoji and tag your friends describing them.
    Let's have some fun.