• vishal15 21w


    Dwelling down the memory lane,
    When every attempt went to vain.
    Aroma from first drops of rain,
    Helped me heal my pain.

    Wholeheartedly absorbing dead and decomposed,
    Transforming it into life without any agreement proposed.
    Made me realize how everything could have been solved,
    Without traversing vicious circles in which I revolved.

    Without uttering a single word nature has power to express,
    It's only purpose is to love not to impress.
    How beautiful it seems from dusk when the sun and ocean kiss,
    Till the dawn when sun rises again to keep it's promise.

    Words are not enough to praise,
    As it takes one to different time and space.
    Even exploring it for whole lifetime would not suffice,
    Inculcating the vibes of nature within is a heavenly bliss.