• thereal_lordsensi 47w

    Don't Lose Yourself

    You get put down, get back up and stand your ground,
    Friends come and go, so don't lose yourself,
    You can get kicked out of the pack,
    But you know who will always have your back?
    So, believe in yourself and be the Lone Wolf,
    No one can put you down if being put down isn't an option your giving them,
    Strive to be a better you, live to love life, not to follow others orders like a flock of sheep, be something better, be unique, because there's only one version of you, and one version of me,
    The point is, don't lose yourself in trying to find others, because when they leave you, they'll leave you in the gutter, where your feelings to them, don't matter. Don't Lose Yourself.