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    It's kind of a rant may be.
    But let me speak my heart today.
    It's hard to be disrespected or to face disregarding situations from the one who doesn't really know anything or from someone who is self occupied.
    When someone do such an argue or try to make you feel worse about you.
    The instant reaction is mostly anger and if you don't react, face become blank without anything to answer or just to feel awkward.
    If you able to remain silent sometimes it gives you a burning sensation in your chest or heart(which i feel, others may differ with their feelings)
    But today when I was disrespected by a labour whom I interact on my daily basis.
    After hearing his absurd words and behavior I was blank for couple of seconds but suddenly a smile came into my face and didn't speak anything just smiled back.
    He probably back of and went back to his work.
    The feel of that burn slowly left in that moment and I couldn't resist but to have abundance of relax emotions.
    As i could feel something was off my chest and without arguingor without uttering anything.

    What was that?
    may be I realized over the time period it's good to digest Disrespect where it doesn't matter and let it past through your smile.

    We come across lot of things daily if we start giving everything importance we might end up messed up but on the other hand if we learn to bw ourselves and learn to smile on situations which doesn't matter we might end up little less burden on our shoulders.

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    If you able to digest Disrespect with a smile, burning sensation in your heart will soon turn into Ice that helps in freezing your Pain.