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    Dementors are real

    You feel cold. 

    All of sudden , you feel cold.

    You feel as if you are all alone.

    You feel like you will be never happy again.

    You call it Depression.We call it Dementors.

    The effects are same:-

    Feeling alone , 
    as despair engulfs you.
    from your lips, escapes a groan,
    eyes , you tightly screw
    to stop the tear from escaping
    feeling helplessness anew.

    We don't have a magic wand to cast a patronus.

    A patronus to drive away the dementors.


    Our magic is different . 

    It takes the form of support .

    Unconditional support and acceptance from our loved ones.

    It works wonders you know.

    It gives us the single most powerful feeling - Hope.

    So, beware my friends , for if you see anyone under effects of a dementor - give them support, affection and love , in that order.

    Let us all combat this dangerous creature together and ensure no other person suffers.

    P.s. chocolates work too to combat it's effect , so stock up and take regular doses to stay healthy!