• davetrotter 5w

    DOCTORS AND SCIENTIST who are mindless of the morality of God are the most dangerous and corrupt people on earth.

    WE CAN certainly see this over there abuse of their powers today in the world over a virus.

    TOO MANY ARE POLITICAL ACTIVIST controlled by their governments. So they become professional liars for power, for money, for fame, for the ideology that they worship that is absent of Godly morality.

    WE CAN SEE today over the virus that many Government doctors and scientists are dangerous to human life. Because they are paid automatically by the government. They don't have to go out and earn their living.

    AS I WATCHED my young brother dying in the Hospital because of the doctors abuse of power to use treatments to get more money. Then seeing the doctors who are liars working for the Government of the United States. I have no more faith and trust in doctors or scientists anymore.