• mistiedaee 6w


    I thought I knew what love was, I was certain that forever would exist in this moment with you.

    That feeling you get, the moment I saw you my vision changed my world was thrown into chaos upheaved and rearranged.

    I saw statues move, yet they didn't at all. Your darkness was my light and the first snowfall. Your green eyes were like a universe, ethereal and chaos, beautiful and wonderful, so eaSy to get lost.

    But God can be cruel, and life isn't kind. It was a universal law that you can't be mine. The cruelest of them, the hurt from the cause, the shattered heart and the fault in our stars'.

    That infinity of a moment just isn't enough. I crave for your touch, your taste and your insane thought of love and your unforgiving heart.

    Where do I begin and when will end. God I love you so much it hurts to pretend, softly and deftly and so gentle and dark, take that moment and I live it again, and again.