• jeelpatel 11w

    Homo Sapiens - 10.0


    Homo sapiens – a reaffirmation of amorphous alliances midst catastrophe and contrive. Like ocean plasma and suspended sediments, which balance the state of matter to construct reef of buildings underneath or can be forever partial to keep colourless molecules and pile of yellow somnolent flowers apart, and thus sea-world flows under the pregnant water. Which has unpredictable womb, which can make full term normal delivery happen at the end with obstacles in the form of tide and ebb in between your toes on the red shore sand or it can just give up on the stillness with strategies inside your solar plexus and end up with the spontaneous haemorrhage in the form of flood which will wash away every foreign pattern your feet have created on the path of quicksand. Drag your desires or steadfastness into its depth, and uncurl the specks of nihility in the form of solid seed after sabotage.

    But this is how homo sapiens have learnt to survive, even if public radio of life will continuously throw the dark balls of bad prophecy of upcoming cold December days, even if it just plays the station of heart quakes, of broken share market, of loud/royal words of women empowerment under the silent yet persistent flesh scratching gang rapes, domestic violence, (to which we are having bold lines of acknowledgement, few abusive words to throw on unknown mentally ill gang rapper stoned by cannabis, candles or prayers for the gone goddess who didn’t want to be goddess, but didn’t want to leave the world with chapped lips, purple blunt pain circles on her delicate bones who gave up on vitals, abrasions, bruises who ruled over whole body and unrecognisable face telling story of unseen helplessness and disgusting cruel crime over unfelt pain till her last neuron, till her last molecule. She would have been happy to be normal woman, free, independent and not fairy or goddess. And if she is alive then suspicion, judgements, questions, shaken sympathy. That’s it. We’ve just accepted.),of closed popular court cases on every tongue, of freedom of maroon murderers, of worldwide pandemic, of fading humanity on the back of blind horse there is still scattered dots of hope, of felicity, of chances to take, of good lifetime, of unity and immense growth  even if you aren’t conscious about it though you, individually go through ‘em and at the endless end together all humans make myriad patterns of survival, with same aim, same materialistic life, same goal to reach to the death with meaningful virtue but bases will be different, experiences, seasons of lessons, turning points, shades in relationships, value of morals, fears, role of action-reaction-distraction will be different.

    Homo sapiens we are prone to see negativity in situations and things by overlooking positive parade in your backyard. We pause, we see toxicity, negativity all around the world, around your stoop shoulders. Ear tunnels filled with those tensed radio stations, which can shrink your hippocampus in time. Deep inside you know there will be station KIIS-FM 102.7 – Los Angeles on your radio, will give harmony to your broken tunes, will stop your terrible thoughts and reactions, will sprinkle spice of healthy mind and body and will lead you to the peace. Peace is like coded programme. You feel you are wasting whole life and till your death you would not find it under your pillow. But is it too hard just to be at peace? And we would think in this modern life which is swinging midst electric wires, piles of work, hard relationships, anxiety and temporary virtues of people or any kind of emotion (there are 27 core emotions according to the study, somewhere they are like 34,000), or any achievement or any temporary thing as this world is running permanently because of these temporary virtues how one can be at peace not by externally but from within. Inside your mind, in every sulci and gryi of it. Humans can find peace, if not as a permanent peace of mind then from less time to more time, we can find peace by practising it. 

    We, humans can’t control the nature, its disasters or destiny which shows us unpredictable alleys under the sun flooded sky and cold blue moon. We don’t know which kind of shirt next day will wear or how it will come to disguise us. It isn’t in our hand. So not having peace or felicity, just worrying and digging just bad side of world and people in context to that is not right thing to live a life. Look what is there in your hand, over which things you can work on to make your life better without any negative emotions and gloominess. Humans are brilliant genesis with their irreplaceable DNA. We are different as we have got mind to think. Our mind has eyes to observe, to differentiate things over which we should think deeply or just let it go with the blow of blood. Restlessness, anxiety, depressed state, melancholy, frustration, tiredness towards life from where all of these come? From your MIND. And if you would investigate your mind you would find these are the things which ruin your peace, inner well-being, positive energy, strong aura without letting you know or you be unconscious to accept it. And we blame external environment, people, luck, time which play role, yes they do, which you can’t control (As you are playing the same role for other humans).

    But action, reaction and how you deal with all distractions is in your hand. And these three things will lead you to the peace or restlessness. For a few minutes or for a long time you are doing any action or giving reaction against external stimuli but for sure we humans know how it can create impact on us, our mind, our peace and happiness in a bad way or in a good way. With high intensity or low. For long or short duration but in that moment, in that time you can either have peace, satisfaction or anger, frustration. How you deal with distraction, influences will decide the state of your mind. If we see, we humans are more of action-reaction-distraction rather than just bones, fleshes, webs of veins and nerves, and cells.