• thesagacontinues07 5w

    A successful debacle won't dominate or create a mess,
    As after constant failures, comes success!

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    A successful Debacle!

    A hundred days or so, have gotten over,
    Like a land rover, I rode over and over,
    I'm here without a clue, standing glued to this aloofness,
    Even after harsh endeavours, I'm failure who couldn't keep alive the goodness.

    Things which were there to follow,
    Which I thought would ought to fill the hollows,
    But it emptied my feelings and now I don't regret,
    But all I am left is with the feelings of sadness and being upset.

    Over and above all, what I envisioned wasn't this at all,
    To please everyone is causing me a downfall.
    A defiance is starting to grow,
    Inside of me, I am spurning the light which I thought would glow,
    I am the light, but now I don't want to shine,
    What is this state, in which I am not happy,
    Why is this vicinity in which I reside,
    Is starting to consume all of my time,
    And I'm slowly but surely fading away,
    From my original self which I thought was enough to amaze,
    Anyone, as I believe to be happy is to be healthy,
    But this happiness gets rejected and all I see is jealousy.

    Hatred and greed filled inside of these fiends,
    Who act sweet but all they do is cheat,
    And compete in an unhealthy competition,
    I'm fed up with these spurious demeanours and unjustified tensions.

    But I won't quit, for I am a witty soul,
    I wish to grow out of these loopholes,
    I fruitfully will sprout cheerfully,
    And beautifully inspire those who look up to me.

    For if I go down, there would be no one around,
    To take the roles and responsibilities of what I'm doing right now,
    There wouldn't be anyone who would be a role model,
    Hence i won't be affected by this seemingly successful debacle.

    Because my purpose is served,, so I technically win,
    Now I'll cheer you up with my stark supreme grin.
    I will not fall, I will stand tall,
    I am the best and won't certainly rest at all.

    I'll keeping saying this to myself,
    And you too, if you feel situations can't be dealt,
    Just spell,

    'I'll let these shenanigans bark on deaf ears,
    And break out of this mess which is making my mind swirl,
    I fought battles worse than this in previous years,
    This is nothing! I'm still the best in the whole entire world!'