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    Random Thoughts

    1.Don't let others to check-in your life for free, no
    one has right to play with your emotions.

    2.Don't let your happiness conditioned on basis
    of other people's behaviour.

    3.Because of chaotic and noisy world, somewhere
    the voice of self get suppressed.

    4.You are captivated because of your subconscious
    mind who keeps dragging you in prison of negativity.

    5.People might find my skin getting dull and aged but they don't know beauty and youthfulness of my soul.

    6.Never ever break relations with anyone because filthy water maynot be useful for drinking purpose but surely it will be useful to extinguish the fire.

    7.Root of one's suffering is that the one don't feel complete within oneself.

    8.Anger act as virus because one person's reaction
    to it is enough to spread it to others.

    9.To people- Be soft & gentle like flowers
    To bad situations- Be hard & stiff like timber

    10.The reason when i feel alone is the moment I loose the touch with my self and not when there is no one to listen.

    11.Rather than being nasty, catty and bitching about
    each other, let's start being NICE to each other.

    12.Whenever you don't feel like doing just ask what
    you want to be - A goal achiever or excuse maker.

    These are the thoughts which help me to walk any path irrespective of difficulties, I'm sharing with you all lovely mirakeeans assuming that you will find helpful in some of the aspects.
    Love you all ❤❤

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