• gracedaniels 6w

    18 years ago, thousands of people were taking their last breaths.
    Thousands more were wounded, bleeding; their blood a liquid representation of the hate that has corrupted this earth.

    18 years ago, a brave few were charging headfirst into the chaos,
    the rubble,
    the smoke.
    Unfaltering, they plunged themselves the fray when all others rushed the other direction.
    They thought with a heart for a hundred others rather than for themselves.

    18 years ago,
    United Airlines, flight 93.
    A sentence was spoken, the gravity of which is still beyond comprehension.
    “Are you ready? Ok. Let’s roll.”

    18 years ago, America was brought to her knees.
    Jabbed in the stomach by an act that shocked millions.
    The wind knocked out of her resilient lungs, for a moment reminded just how fragile she could become.
    Resilient is key.

    May we never forget.
    May we taste the bitter hurt of that day and remember all we have lost, and all those who have been lost.
    Those in the form of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts.
    Those in the form of nurturers, lovers, warriors, unifiers, peace-makers.
    Look back, America. And then, look forward.