• midnight_rain 5w

    An apology to me
    When a maze of sincere apologies meets
    A sea filled with I forgive yous
    And collides with the realty that you never forgave me
    Manipulating and drown me with my past mistakes
    By reopening barricaded doors
    Forcing me to remember what I try to forget.
    Words like arrows spring from your bow like mouth
    cutting through my heart like a knife through flesh

    And in my tears that I swim in
    In a damage state I decided to write me a letter
    It seems that in my maze of apologies
    I've seen to have forgotten to apologise to someone important
    Someone who hadn't had the chance to forgive me
    The one person I owned an apology too the most

    So an apology to me
    I never gave you a chance to forgive me
    I never realized you were hurting
    I didn't think you were burniging
    Didn't know you were waiting for me
    Waiting to truly forgive me

    You waited to give me what I've been searching for
    I climbed high for something so close
    From the one person who could heal me the most
    Receiving peace with out paying a single cost

    So an apology to me
    I hope it's not too late
    I hope that this is the day
    That I finally get to say
    From the bottom of my heart
    I'm sorry