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    That really is my story..��

    I was facing a really tough time in my life. I was staying away from my parents, whom I love a lot, for their own good. Those were the darkest days of my life. I was strong as I had to hold my family together, but then I am a human too. I didn't share my emotions with anyone for I didn't want to trouble them. I spent numerous sleepless nights. It was then that this beautiful voice came in my life and changed everything.
    I didn't use social media at all then. It was not my cup of tea and is still not now. The results were that I did not know anything about him except his name. So basically I've spent 4 years just connected to his voice. Music was my life. It still is. The stupidest thing I could do, I did not even bother to google him. Only last year did I come to see a music video of his on youtube, the dots connected and today they call me a walking encyclopedia of him.
    The more I learnt about him, the more I admired him. What he is for me is beyond anyone's understanding for I don't call it love myself. Not just his voice but he too is a beautiful soul. He's a gem. Infact that whole band is. I owe him my smile for he is the one who's gifted it to me and I will cherish it always. He is my inspiration to become a better human and my life for that what keeps me going is his magically soulful voice!����

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    || HIS VOICE ||

    The voice magical
    Rejuvenated her soul
    Listening to which
    Her heart inked verses untold
    A gleam of hope
    Sparkled in her eyes
    When he stole her darkness
    To walk her to the light
    He gave her the strength
    The courage to survive
    He motivated her
    To give a second chance to life
    She is hopelessly in love
    Is a fact that she denies
    Saying that she only admires him
    And he is her firefly
    Now her pulses sing
    To the rhythms of his musical beats
    Like he is whispering to her
    Dreams mesmersing and sweet...