• mikayla_m 5w

    My Love Since I Was a Child

    When the night ends
    The destruction is over
    In the ruins of our love I'll live forever

    It saddens me that I can't have
    My one true love
    Could there be something more sad

    I've longed for this guy before I knew
    What love was or what were its means

    I just knew I loved him
    From the bottom of my heart
    I always thought of him
    Before every new start

    Funny he never saw
    How much I adored him
    I wish I could have told him
    Cause he couldn't see

    How badly I wanted him
    And I still do
    This love is so old
    It is so not new

    Each time I hid my emotions
    Each time I let it go
    It's been the hardest thing to do
    And now it's just a new kinda low

    I'll love him forever
    The love of my life
    The king of my heart
    My love since I was a child