• medodi 30w

    It's the day, I feel to cry
    Someday it'll all go, when I die
    The things never gonna change,
    I never wanted a revenge
    When you say I always cry,
    Did you ever ask the reason why?
    Maybe there is much pain,
    There is no one who could share,
    Or someone who do care.
    There is always anger which bursts out,
    I'm standing quiet even you shout.
    I am the one who has no brain,
    Do you even think? What about the pain?
    You throw the things that I gave you,
    You forget everything, remembering a few.
    I never get for what I wished,
    Stabbed with nails and slowly kissed
    With all that I'll still be there,
    You own me, whatever you decide is fair
    It's the day, I feel to cry
    Oneday I'll peacefully die.