• _wanderer 24w

    when we find a beautiful flower we embrace it by plucking it just like we do to women
    We don't know what the pain is until we face it ourselves

    Do support me.

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    The flower

    I saw a child talking to a flower
    Many words came into my mind
    Immatured,innocent and a dreamer
    When she was actually a thinker.
    I asked her what she was doing
    She told she was chatting with her flower friend
    About it's difficulties being a flower
    When she saw I was confused
    She looked at me and said
    "When you see another flower please don't pluck it
    Because exploiting others can be easy
    Until it comes to yourself..."
    I stood there astounded
    Today I'd found a future star
    When I was so stupid to think she was just a child
    While She was actually a big mind in a world of a thinking so small.