• fearsotherside 5w

    Energy Update:
    Scorpio Kinda Day & Some Tarot intel

    I believe it may be a tower kind of day. Epiphanies/realisations/emotions coming to the surface. I'm feeling a sense of balance & my perception has gradually changed throughout the day. I believe my heart chakra may be activating. Its a mellow side of overwhem, love, compassion, empathy.

    The tower card & Death card is ruled by scorpio. I have been getting the Tower card alot. I feel Scorpio energy is strong today. With Mercury retro grading there, the moon being there last night & coming into scorpio season. Another theme is not "needing" to talk about everything or getting stuck in my head. Scorpios have that side of them, they have that mysterious side, secretive sometimes to their own detriment though.

    Waking up the other morning to my own voice saying Agapè, Agapè love defining divine love. This begins within. Seeing a lady bug this morning, representing metamorphosis, a channel between earth & the divine, divine love & divine intervention (also the tower card).

    The similarities between scorpio & the lady bug are uncanny. Transformation, observer, transition. Scorpio is a fixed water sign. They can be slow to change their ways, determined, passionate, have a hard time trusting, jealous, resourceful & brave.

    Something I love about tarot is its nature of highlighting there are no endings. A tower moment can be an emotional breakdown, as if the rug is the world and it's been pulled from under you. Or it can be a little insight to help you understand something in a new light. Either way it means change. A release. A beginning. There is no 10 in tarot. When we draw a 10 it is 1+0 = 1. It is simaltaneouly the end and beginning. I see it as the end of a cycle, a chapter or a vital life lesson. The 9 of swords, to me, represents the dark night of the soul. The 10 of swords is not much prettier, imagery of 10 swords in someone, yet it's representation of the end of b/s. No more back stabbing, slander, manipulation, mind games. One moment away from the ace of swords representing the "truth".