• branchjones 5w

    Your Masterpiece pt 1

    My heart is in the ink
    Stained to these pages
    My love is in the rhymes
    These sheets are the cages
    My soul is in each line
    To ensure its not wasted
    Because memories change
    But the ink's only faded
    As much as I've written
    I hope it gives you proof
    Everything I write
    In each word you're the muse
    Just writing and hoping
    My scribble can induce
    That feeling we felt
    But In the end always lose
    Please write me a note
    With your heart let it fuse
    Let love be in the ink
    Of the pen that you use
    Because my Masterpiece
    Has to be written by you
    Because half of me
    Will always be somewhere with you