• chinu27 10w

    My Dreams

    I have a big list of dreams to fulfill,
    thinking about them gives me thrills.
    I don't know if all will come true,
    some are old and some are new.

    I want to contribute to my country
    & make it feel proud on me.
    I want to make a history,
    maybe, by discovering about some mystery.

    I want to make a lot of friends.
    I want to discover all of the trends.
    I wanna be like a tomboy
    from a girl who is cute but coy.

    I wanna meet and talk to BTS
    but I hope at that time,
    I don't become speechless.
    I wanna live my life to the fullest,
    So that I can call my life the best,
    & in the end, I can have a peaceful rest.