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    These are the stupid people that
    End up making some apps to be banned in India due to there abusive language

    This is an open chat that
    I got on
    Meritation (study app)

    Just imagine what would
    any random child who
    would read this what
    would be his thoughts ����‍♀️

    He asked this question to the public
    As a public chat
    To the hell with such students yarr

    Sorry that the pic in the post contains
    Some bad or abusive words but
    Thats the truth
    This is what stupid people do on study apps
    I prefer if you dont know the answer dont comment but atleast don't
    comment such Nonsense

    I request every one reading this post
    I know it contains some abusive words
    Am sorry for that but thats the reality people are doing on study apps ��


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