• jeedandeka 9w

    Native Intellect

    For years, it is really because of utter cruelty of men,
    Perished the culture of hatred,
    Conquer to the horizon and back, heaping achievements with gunpowder and fraud while the disillusioned leaders applaud,
    Infatuating towards the reign of darkness,
    Enough to colour the place as an alien state of nothingness.
    The melody of peace is nowhere to find,
    As the miseries quaff the contentment of beings,
    Harassing the neutral mind with artificial intelligence where the hungry humanity bind.

    Amid the hostile phantom principles of life
    People live and people die,
    Some drown while some fly,
    Some chuckle while some cry.

    Accordingly I fixed my anxious gaze towards self realization,
    Accepting all my flaws within bounding my self therein,
    A pledge of unending flow of learning,
    To the rearmost breadth of my being, till then let the harmony of my existence sing.

    ~Jeedan Deka