• kenblue 21w


    yes I know we don’t agree on anything at all.... hell!!! We even ague most times, yet you stood by me.
    We rode together when the path was rough.
    You shone your light when my path was dark.
    We worked it out even when we fight
    You called for peace even my pride was high.
    You are a gem to this universe, a gift to humanity, a treasure to family, a diamond to momma.
    When they say “you are pretty” indeed you are ‘cause your beauty radiates from inside-out.
    You are a unique soul, a precious being, (don’t you ever change for no man).
    You are wise, you are smart (be careful of them boys 😉👌)
    My love for you is ‘infinitum’ and has no bounds.
    I love you