• aiesthetikos 49w


    There were two.
    Honesty and loyalty were bright in one
    Caring and kind was the other.
    Both were close to the wounded flower
    One promised to keep her safe,
    "Not a single insect should get on you" he said
    "I'll keep you in a garden full of sunlight and water, no harm can get to you".
    But the other promised to make her strong
    "Wither not my love, for I will let you grow up to your full potential" said the other.
    Both wanted the flower.
    But only one could get her.
    Stuck between the two
    The flower withered more
    Because both were lost into a squabble
    That they forgot to keep their promises.
    The flower eventually mixed into gravel and sand,
    Fragmented into small pieces of dust.
    From there she spoke to her mother
    "Thank you for making me grow up into a beautiful flower
    But mother I've scourn your hardwork
    As I depended on two
    I wanted nothing but to be a shadow of two in this sunlit spot.
    But I was taken to be an object to glorify their hall of fame
    Where several other flowers like me rested.
    I let two fight, so that I won't end up
    In a place where others envyed me.
    I wanted to be in a place between both
    Where people loved me"