• minalsharma 27w

    Hello !!

    When you are not here,
    There is nothing about you which I don't miss.
    I want to live on you lips,
    And I want to feel your fingertips,
    I want to see where this love takes me,
    I'm willing to become everything it makes me.
    What if I become more shy,
    Or maybe all my fears will die,
    Or maybe we will drown in the depth of sea,
    Or maybe we'll just go high.
    What if we will get apart ?
    Is it possible to re-start ?
    So will it be a Yes or a No ?
    High or Low ?
    Seas or Skies ?
    Will you say Hello over goodbyes ?
    So when you are not here,
    Every day I write a letter,
    And I've written thousands of Hello's
    Wanna see if you'll Reply.