• h_yuki 10w

    *My perfect writing place.*

    I would go to a cosy cofee shop, and no you didn't misread.
    Though I don't drink coffee, I love how the smell of it is always widespread.
    And I always can drink a nice cup of hot chocolate milk instead.

    You might think the noise of other voices would disturb me.
    But I do not mind others to speak freely.
    In fact I wouldn't be able to concentrate If I was sitting in complete silence, feeling lonely.

    I can already imagine the chattering, smell, warmth and taste.
    Maybe even with a cookie or a piece of cake.
    I'm pretty sure that cosy vibe will let me be able to concentrate.

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    Photocredit to the rightfull owner.

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    *My perfect writing place.*

    Kindly read caption.