• zaesha 9w

    It's OK

    If you just want to exist and don't want to make a change

    If you want to live for the sake of living and fulfill basic human responsiblities towards yourself of taking shower daily, eating or going to job to spend on you or on your beloved.

    It's OK to do the same, just like others do.

    But don't hurt intentionally.
    If you know that your habits are badly influencing others.

    Just know yourself but the worse is doing nothing about it.

    You are still water in a lake and rotting the ones who live in you/with you, for your well being, to make you liveable.
    Soon they'll be dead just like you because you gave them no choice as their choice was to live like a dream with you.

    You took it away.
    You'll be gone but their scars will never fade even if they survive.
    I hope they are overcomers and will survive on their own.
    They will
    but you will be gone.