• wingsofmaverick 10w


    I wasn't born broken this way,
    Wasn't like a burnt old ash tray,
    Was too much loving to my mom and dad,
    Was a cute little kid not some jihadi comrade,
    But life raped that vulnerable innocent kid,
    Now I m not the guy you wanna mess with,
    Mom n dad fighting about me day n night,
    All I witnessed growing up was all the fight,

    Caged me in these doomed four walled home,
    "Gentlemen don't go with other boys to roam"
    "Sit and practice your piano till you be the best"
    Come on woman you are more toxic than the kids outside,
    I m just a young kid can't be in this cage rather end with a cyanide,
    Dad; don't have to prove that your day was tough by beating me,
    Mom stop draining your frustration on me,

    I m so pissed I just wanna set fire on this cage you'll call home,
    Would rather sleep under my grave stone,
    I m just sick and tired of my life,
    It's like The worst hangover and I m still high,
    I want to attain my euphoria,
    Cuz my life is just tearing my areteria,
    Give me a sip of cyanide,
    And I will find my own euphoria,