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    (To give a little context about the poem the reference to code refers to him being a game developer. Also sorry about constantly having love poems.. I've found love in a best friend and it's remarkable so much so my heart sings with these words that I write)

    ~Thoughts of you~
    My mind won't rest
    My minds gone further
    Into the future of you and I
    I try not to think
    But the thoughts break loose
    And dance infront of my eyes
    They reveal tales of love
    And tales of life
    Where sadly I'm too busy to share
    So on my weeks off
    We fly abroad
    To spend some missed time together
    The image starts to blur
    And fades to a new
    And I see right in front of my eyes
    A late night scenario
    Where I'm all tucked in bed
    But the place is a house unknown
    An appartment for two
    Where we rent the rooms
    And where I see you stumbling toward me
    Late late at night
    You've turned off the light
    Of computer screen and late night coding
    As I sleep in the bed comfort fufilled my head
    As you joined me side by side
    Now surrounded in warmth
    Sleeping is easier than before
    Now the image blurs again
    No longer replaced it then seems
    To only show me the here and now
    That this is what we'll be
    If we water the roots of we
    And let the flowers grow
    For each petal around us
    Marks the moments of true love
    And our love filled potential to find together

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    Darling I can't sleep
    Even though I should
    My minds swarming with thoughts
    Thoughts of you and I