• ektaxo 10w

    I just read about Irfan khan's death;
    And all I could think about apart from the remorse I feel;
    That there is no surety or certainty of anything.
    Anything can happen; to anyone; anywhere; under any circumstances.
    Death doesn't see fame, money, status age, gender, color or your living and relationship status.
    There are people out there; fighting real problems; fighting illnesses;
    And you couldn't call or text your loved ones because you are too busy with something.
    Or the time is not right;
    Or you are confused, irritated or not in a mood.
    Stop doing that shit.
    Feel lucky enough; that you are healthy, you have your family, you have food in your belly, roof above you, someone to love and someone to love you.
    Stop complicating things when you have everything and be grateful;
    You never know when that text, call, lunch, hug;
    Could be the last one ever.
    Let that sink in.