• rrrmrrrmrrrfrrrmrrr 21w

    People are consumed by greed.
    Hoping for only a few things.
    Fixating on them until they're right.
    No matter the price.
    If it's good or evil the world is to judge.

    But why do you sympathize with the devil.

    The person who killed.
    The person who stole.
    The person who kicks away thier loved ones goals.
    The people that take everything they want.
    The people that just run amok.

    Is it because they're scared or were never taught right.
    Is it because you cant bare the same hard life.
    Of hatred and looming in the dark.

    Whatever the reason, whatever it could be.
    I'm glad that you still hold onto me.
    The shadow of a devil who lost his wings.
    To try and be free.