• praize21 6w


    Voices, sounds, a myriad of noises...
    Cries, shouts, a multitude of lamentations...
    Agony, pain, the feeling is overwhelming...
    Rejection, dejection, the world has turned it's back on her.

    Penury, poverty, the pain is familiar...
    Silence, deafening sounds, left alone though surrounded by many...
    In sorrow, in distress, with no one to turn to...
    The world seems dark, with no sounds but echoes.

    Dashed hopes, lost dreams, a lot of promises have gone unfulfilled.
    Visions are vague, have been darkened in the depths of despair.
    Left in the solitude of her distress, she tried to reach out to them;
    to make the many people surrounding her pay her some attention
    but all her efforts were to no avail; she was all alone.
    In the silence of the night, the echoes began;
    sounding disjointed and cacophonous at first,
    but gaining volume and increasing in intensity as the night progressed.
    As the echoes intensified, so did get pain;
    the gaping nothingness she felt in her heart,
    the deep-seated bitterness that chewed out her insides,
    and the inexorable weakness that overshadowed her bones.

    As the echoes intensified, so did the clarity of their message;
    the voices offered her an apparently easy way out
    a way to put a final stop to all the distress she had undergone.
    As the echoes intensified, the tears came
    pouring down her cheeks like the unforgiving, torrential rains
    that beat down on her body, soaking through her worn clothes.
    As the first cracks of the sunlight at dawn started peeking through,
    she knew without any shadow of doubt the pain couldn't continue!

    Much tears, a silent prayer, a firm decision later...
    eyes closed, arms stretched out, the feeling of vertigo overwhelming...
    A leap, wind swooshing past damp ears, the fall is unmistakable.
    The crash, the screeching of tires against the road,
    a broken, mangled body and the free flow of blood along the streets;
    and the world is suddenly aware of the teenaged girl
    who plummeted to her own death willingly.
    The pity party starts, albeit a few minutes too late...
    If only they'd taken pity on her, while she was just being plagued
    ... by the echoes!!!