• pareeshayalisyed_ 6w

    Life is hard, busy, wonderful so enjoy it in all ways and means.😀

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    Feeling of Joy

    Life gets faster everyday,
    No time to think, no Time to play,
    With this feeling of Joy,
    I play with my toy,
    Hurry chaos lots of stress,
    Which leads to sleeplessness,
    Awake with this lovely dress,
    I go yes,yes,yes,
    This madness cease,
    Has no place for peace,
    Starting of joy,
    With friends to enjoy,
    Ending of joy friends saying me bye,
    I wait,wait,wait and for another hi,
    I go running,doing till I drop,
    Give me the remote to pause,mute and stop.

    Poem by:
    Pareeshay Syed