• manavi3173 10w

    Being optimistic (Part 1)

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    Don't try to change yourself for others. Don't let the social media make an identity which was never yours. You are worth much better. You are the best in your own way. Start letting things go the way it is. I know these are some overdramatic thoughts you might have come across in your life but trust me its justifiable. Breakup hurts. Yes, it really does, specially when it's your first. Start accepting the things as they are, everything can't be amended according to your own fruitful way. Sliding into one's dm to get some recognition and to exaggerate things isn't worth it. Why do you need such people who's ego values more than relationships. What is the need of such friends when you can't let your heart out and live with a fear of being judged. What is the need of having a 100K followers when you know they'll not be giving even a fuck at your last rites, when you can talk to none. Why do we keep lying to ourselves when we know the bitter truth. Why do you end up loving a person who is never meant to be yours. Why do you always need a lending hand to get you out of shits. Why expectations are always there. Aren't YOU enough for YOURSELF. Isn't it fascinating that we'll try looking at the broken dirty mirror and think its beautiful?