• phoenyx 23w

    The Voice

    It calls upon me by my name,
    The sound whence it comes from I follow.
    I have heard not that voice before,
    Yet so familiar it seems to me.
    It feels like honey to my ears,
    It takes me to a state of delirium.
    I feel so calm, so happy, so free
    These feelings to me all otherworldly.
    I get afraid when they happen to me,
    One step after another I take.
    This chase still continues to day,
    I still follow that strange melody.
    I am far away from where I started,
    In front and back of me is darkness.
    In midst of this nothingness,
    I have but only one fear.
    What would happen the day, when I would be alone.
    The sound, it will leave to cherish someone else.
    Would I simply get lost and fade?
    Or any other fate do I have up in my stock?