• nsoroma 5w

    I think of turning things down because I can't tell what is beyond the body. Look, Jesus knows his marketing, a bad mouth about His business will make Him lose customers. So when we go out and get hurt, He heals us so that when we attach ourselves to people, we don't hurt them. Some are used to straying and love makes them itch. God is not normal! Not the kind that leaves you to keep hitting yourself. #IrootforLove

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    His body is a fallacy
    I want to be sold out to His body
    It is attractive
    His Spirit is complicated
    But I want the benefits thereof;

    I'm not in for any deep stuff
    His body is enough,
    I am not satisfied, so
    I accommodate other spirits.
    They are not so complicated,
    And He will heal me.

    I am just another wound in His body
    Therefore, He'll leave the 99 to tend to me
    He loves me, do I love me?