• daydreamingshadows 5w


    My grip on her shoulders tightened as i slowly run them down her chest to her sides and found hold on her hips and squeezed.

    "Ow!", she bit her lip and took my face in her hands and said, "Be nice to me, this time?".
    "I'll be gentle", I promised.
    Promises didn't mean much at a lustful 2:45 afternoon and she knew that. She was counting on that.

    I turned her around and swept her hair away as i got up and pushed her onto the wall. I pushed her hands up and she locked them together handcuffed in my wantonness like a submissive teenager.
    The hair on her back reached out to my nose as i scented in her skin and opened my mouth.

    "Ow!.. baby, you're hurting me", she whimpered as i bit into her left shoulder.
    "Should i stop?" , i teethed a question i already knew the answer of.
    "No, go lower", she sniffed.

    I covered the teeth marks with my two fingers and slowly traced down her spine,and found a place under and inside her to rest them. "Ahh, take me baby", she moaned.
    I put my fingers, dripping wet, in my mouth to get a taste.
    "Damn!, that's some good sauce"

    "Ofcourse it is; i made it!", she smirked as we sat there in that rainy afternoon eating pasta in our underwear.