• writerinprogress 31w

    Oh Darkness!!

    Oh darkness, deep within me I have found
    Why is the dawn so far away?
    Through crushed petals of withered roses in the ground
    These shadows following me, swept aside my will to stay
    I strode alone across the road again
    With stares of shadows stabbing me right through my skin
    Like shards of broken glass I feel the pain within
    Is there any human in me left to think,
    Or am I just dreaming that this battle I would never win
    Every hope and dream I ever had, had now turned into a wicked stain
    Now that I have reached the darkest corner of the street
    I turned around to face the shadow that's been following me, I couldn't breathe
    As the darkness reigned over me, I tried to recall my life again
    The pleasures remained in the past, but not my pain
    It spoke to me, showed me there is delight in dark desires and sins
    Oh darkness, deep within me I have found
    And what remains of all the bliss in me has been shattered to the ground.