• mayo_simon 6w

    As I grew up along the silent shore back in my village
    I saw people as beings who are a support for the means of survival
    Who stand as one together
    And love with open hearts
    But as I grew older
    I met people who judged others with bank account balances
    Who judged on the basis of your outlooks
    Who would say anything just to make you feel miserable
    Who don't find a difference between happiness that comes from being genuine and happiness from being over powering others
    Who found strength in being rude
    Who stole others peace and made them violent too
    And when they got violent, started blaming on them
    No I won't curse you
    No I won't slang on you
    May be somewhere around the corner I realized that I shouldn't let go of the "real me" that I was back there in my village
    May be I shouldn't become one of you and may be that's why God's teaching me lessons by making me see people like you
    But all I wish on you is may on some new day
    The sun shines over you
    And you see that life is much more beyond what you see it as
    Much more beyond your glams and money
    Much more than what merely meets the eye
    Once you realize all these
    I'm sure you won't cease to be human
    Coz you're lost in your own world and you're so messed up that you think ruining others life along with you is everything
    No. It is not.
    May the dust covering your eyes fall off and may you see clear
    Coz if that's how you're going to be then you aren't making any difference coz world doesn't need one of such as you
    It already has enough
    But when you change
    Do not change for the world
    Change for yourself.