• nishthagupta 35w

    Paper and feelings✍

    I sat on my bed with the laptop screen bright against my face. I had so much on my mind that day and I wanted to write my heart out. But at that particular moment, not a single thing came... As if nothing was left inside me. All the strings seemed to be broken. I couldn't tolerate the silence anymore. The bare walls of the room were caving in. The flat screen stared at me. Suddenly everything around me felt lonely... I felt lonely!

    A few seconds later I found myself in the kitchen brewing coffee.

    "Maybe a strong cup of coffee would help?" I wondered.

    I couldn't allow my emotions to overpower my mind and drive me crazy. Writing them out was the only option I had with myself... And that is because of two reasons:
    a) I love writing.
    b) I suck at everything else except writing!

    When I was lost in these thoughts of mine... My eyes found something and were glued to it. It was a gift... From my mom.

    "To the budding writer from her proud ma" she'd said.

    She had given me a beautiful diary and had told me to never stop writing because she couldn't bear even a single day without reading my stuff!

    With the new energy pulsing through my veins, I sat on my couch with the diary and a pen clutched into my hand. I started to write every single word I'd thought of before. The words kept coming without any interruption. I myself had no more control over the pace at which they kept tumbling off...

    Every piece of me had now found its place. Each thing now started to make sense. The broken strings again got attached. I was overwhelmed by the fact that just by changing the medium of writing, from a flat-screen to a pen and paper, could create such a huge difference in the flow of words...

    It could've also been the magic of coffee... But no. It wasn't the coffee that had helped the sentiments go along... But the presence of the pen and the paper... A physical assurance... They were the real reason behind the smooth spill of the words.
    The feeling of immense satisfaction could only be guaranteed by the paper on which I was able to write down and not the screen of laptop with zillions of pixels throwing their light at me!