• epphny 23w

    when i couldn't stand the sight anymore, i knew it was time to clean it up.

    i softly walked towards the body. as i did, i noticed that i was following a particularly unfamiliar path. i didn't dare let my feet linger too long on the floor. it laid in a place i had ignored for these past months, a tainted corner of my space that i'd left to frankly burn in hell.

    the body still laid there, just above the entrance to the cellar. i held an even more peculiar curiosity than the last time i encountered it. the smell lingered horribly. still, it looked so familiar.. i wouldn't dare let my mind wander back, in fact, i couldn't recall a thing at all. my memories blurred from vivid darkness to specks of light and rejoice. my brain was fit to burst.

    regardless, i let my weary hand grab his. the hand was firm, yet unusually soft. it was like a doll's almost, porcelain and light, crafted beautifully right down to each fingertip. i held it with a tight grasp. perhaps it was because i was so close to death myself that our hands intertwined so perfectly.

    my house had become saturated with the shadows of the fading day, the sun leading a trail through the windows in a veil of lucid light. the cellar, however, was a dwelling of darkness. it was home to the spirits of my house; the final stop on this earth until you hit the grave. there was no shadows, no light, no color. it was as if the night itself was boxed up into room.

    i shut the door, i drew my curtains. the light faded and the day crashed

    so did i.

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    I shut the door,
    I drew my curtains.
    The light faded and
    the day crashed
    so did i.