• mistyblaze 5w


    No, I'm not being
    I'm just speaking my truth,
    though it might sound awful
    to them who hear it.

    No one ever truly wanted
    to know me deeper,
    that's why I learned
    to distance myself,
    lest I be disappointed,
    by wanting what they
    could never give --
    time and truer connection.

    They're all curious
    to know me in the surface,
    but maybe they're averse
    to what's beneath.
    I wonder if they're afraid
    of what they'll uncover.
    Are they scared?
    They might be curious,
    but they certainly don't care.
    Or it seems like it from here.

    Is it because I'm cruel?
    Am I that aversive?
    Am I that much damaged?
    Am I hurtful, even?

    I don't know,
    except I'm getting used to it --
    solace is becoming
    my sane place.
    And truth be told,
    being alone,
    because I'm far away and aloof,
    is better than feeling lonelier
    because I'm surrounded by people
    who say they care,
    but don't really.


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