• f_deesia_poetry 5w

    Stone cold heart

    I think by now
    you would have come to know
    That I can’t stay away from you
    If you haven’t then maybe
    You are blind too
    Among other things
    I have reached to a point where
    I can almost levitate
    Maybe if you wait a little longer
    I will grow a set of wings
    Maybe then I can finally fly to you.

    The darkness that you left me in
    Still wears a thick veil
    So even if I grew wings
    Even if I took the flight
    I am never sure
    If I will be greeted by you
    Or just another empty street.

    The first sip of my whiskey
    On days when I try to drown you
    Has your name on it
    I try to rid you from my mind
    I try to fucking kill you
    But in each bottom of the glass
    Your reflection reign supreme.

    So you take your time
    Trying to make sense of things
    All I want to say
    In my drunken stupor is
    I hope you don’t find me dead
    When finally you decide
    to look my way
    I hope I have not wasted my love
    on someone with a stone cold heart.