• abusedink 10w

    I see blood everywhere

    Father I need to confess something
    ..something that I want to get off my chest lately
    these people are really getting under my skin
    making me react in a way I never wanted to reveal

    It's true "I murdered someone, torn him apart and left his corpse in his apartment."
    A part of my soul I sold it to the evil rest isn't whole but a hole in the centre
    Getting carried away is natural for a lost kite
    but eating Popsicle shouldn't cause any frost bite
    But now I'm totally possessed like a ghost fright

    I was only eight when I first saw a man shot dead
    bullet went through his brain causing his spot death
    Hey kid you didn't see anything let me remind you or you can join him is what I heard the next moment
    You look hungry want some food why don't you work for us ? We need some innocent faces in our business.

    Don't know where the change happened exactly
    Still searching for that innocent face that got me into this whole damn thing