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    Hello (this is a slightly long and controversial post),
    A lot is being said and done against the Citizenship Amendment Bill and the staunch opposition to it from the North-east region.
    I think it is important to provide refuge to minorities from our (devoid of peace) neighbouring countries, but not at the cost of a culture (or a multitude of them) from amongst the bouquet of India's own.
    The North-east fears dominance, Hindu or Muslim Bangladeshi isn't the issue here, culture.
    And I know the feeling, being from Bihar/Jharkhand region, I have often been asked "Ek baar Bhojpuri me bol k sunao jara".
    Like the whole of Bihar speaks in one tongue.
    No, I am a Maithil (Mithila, going by my roots), my forefathers shifted to Munger (referred to Raja Karn's land as Anga, in Mahabharata) and I was born and raised in Ranchi, present day Jharkhand (although when I was born it was a part of Bihar.)
    So, through my family and upbringing, I can speak fluently in Maithil, Angi, Hindi and English. I learnt Bhojpuri too, because many of my friends did, and so I learnt Chota Nagpuri (the lingua franca of most of the tribes in Ranchi, although there are more than 10 dialects in Jharkhand alone like Ho, Mundari, Panch Parganiya etc.. But, Chota Nagpuri is the language used when members of one tribe communicate with others in the heart of the state.)
    But the thing which disappoints me is as soon as someone hears Bihar/Jharkhand, he/she goes, 'Are Bihari ho, Ab Bhojpuri me ek line bol k dikhao'.
    I would've wished you with a "Ahaan kar ki samachar?", "Sab nik?" (in Mathili) or "Kaa haal ho ge?" (Angi), "Kaise hain aap?" (Hindi), and so on....
    But no, every fucking time you're outside the state, one random person will show his lack of knowledge by labelling you as a "Bhojpuri bolne wala bhai".

    I've nothing against Bhojpuri, like the tongue, language, just not most of the songs and movies its industry produces. I talk in it with my friends and colleagues who know it.
    But that is the definition of culture imposition, the whole of Bihar being labelled as "Bhojpuri belt" is the problem.
    And the entire North-East is worried the same will happen if Bengali speaking refugees (in large numbers) are allowed to settle in the sparsely populated region.
    They fear it will end their culture, language and severely impact their significance (including voting rights).
    I welcome the move to grant refuge to the immigrants, but it should have been better thought off from the word go.

    Dear Government, Charity begins at home.
    Let's end the fears of our North-Eastern brethren first, talk with them, show them hope, explain your resettlement plans and only then with their thumbs up we could
    think of going ahead with the CAB.

    Their fight is for their identity, Assamese, Bodos, Nagas used to fight, the Centre had to carve many states out of one Assam because of language and cultural difference.
    Today, they are together because they are afraid of a blanket being put on the region. One size doesn't fit all, sirs.

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