• microknight 23w

    Where to go? What can I do

    So Cold in Moscow, unpleasant to feel!

    In Arambol ah ha, our clothes, we peel

    Most days, the weather's too hot

    Time to leave Goa, but would rather not

    When in Moscow, work hard do best

    Angels will help you, to do the rest

    Did anyone tell, you're a Goddess

    So easy to see, just by the way you dress.

    I know, you know, that you know, we know.

    Did you think ever, we wanted you to go.

    Remind again, your mission, your priority

    No worries, and fun, you're in the minority

    Whilst in Goa, no where in a hurry.

    See others, restless, and in a scurry.

    Writing poetry to connect to your heart

    Leave it now, the god's, do their part!!

    Our loving hearts, will melt the cold.

    The poems, a statement's, hopefully not too bold.

    ©microknight Cliff