• wripadac_ 10w

    My dream city- Bangalore

    Age-23. MBA Graduate.

    Waiting and wondering what my next phase is going to be, Bangalore was always a place I had a special place in my heart . I wanted to do my PG in Bangalore but God had other plans. Everyone after MBA is awaiting for a job in the best companies available. I have a different qualification background. I am a science student who did her graduation in B.A literature and then MBA in Finance. The more I ran from numbers, the more it caught hold of me.

    I had a job offer in my hand, where I did my internship. A well to do start up company. And I wasn't having any change of plans as well untill May 2018. I got a whatsapp message regarding walk-ins. I didn't meet even the minimum criteria on which the profile was based. Though, deep inside I wanted to give it a try. Not for the big 4 but for Bangalore. I never was confident enough that I will be able to get into such a good company.

    Somehow I convinced my parents as it's not easy for a conservative family to say a yes for a place that is available for each and every troop.

    The rounds consisted of aptitude test, communication skills, Excel test and PI.
    Each round had such a long wait of weeks or months. My parents were losing patience and asked me to come back. Even the company I had a job offer of was having a time crunch for me to join soon, else I was going to lose it. They booked my ticket thrice and that had to cancelled eventually. I was adamant on my decision for the first time in my life and I knew it was worth it.

    Almost the time when I was losing patience and thought of going back, I got a call from the HR that I got the job in one of the big 4 that everyone dream of!

    Taking risks might not be fun all the time. It might scare you to take the first step, but once you take it don't think about the outcome. If you win it will be all worth it and if you don't, you won't regret that you didn't try at all!